How to become a giant or big in the ameba pico

June 17, 2011

Hi, there.. so many questions on facebook page about how to become a giant or big in the ameba pico. Now I will answer the questions and thanks for patient to waiting this post. lets follow the steps below one by one.

1. Download UsaMimi english version below
2. Play ameba pico through opera or google chrome browser.
3. open UsaMimi_E.exe  that you have downloaded, and choose opera or google chrome that you used for playing ameba pico. it will appear like the picture below.

4.  Press Alt + f on the keyborad and it will appear like the picture below then equate with it.
5. click search button to search minimum_secret@ like the picture above.
6. If you found it, it will  appear like the picture below and click on it.

7. If you have clicked on it then you will be redirected to the code as below.

8. On that code you can see minimum_secret@ and we will change it to maximum_secret@
9. How to change that code? follow the steps below.
- click on the letter i in the word minimum_secret@. then type 61.
- click on the letter n in the word minimum_secret@ then type 78.

10. How to test its work or fail. Go to on your ameba pico then type /min and enter. if its work, you will be a giant. thnks...


  1. I play ameba pico (not on my fb) but the step where u download UsaMimi it says link broken and i dont hvae a blogger because it says access a copy or go to so how can i download UsaMimi if it says its a broken link?Please help me.



  4. it can too in cheat engine 6.1 xD

  5. when i downloaded it and tried to open it it said do you want to make changes to a comp so i said no but it didnt open it :( plzzz answer why it didnt

  6. not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont download it guys!

  7. Thank you, works like a charm!!!

  8. im gonna say to pico to banned u cheater!!!!!!!!!

  9. um srry to says this still hard because my computer is Macbook Pro computer so how will u do it with Macbook Pro computer plz help me!!