Chat Flooding

March 4, 2011

Have you ever seen someone did the chat flooding in ameba pico, the message appears again and again without blocked by ameba pico, so that makes you feel uncomfortable. Now I will tell you how to do the chat flooding in the ameba pico wich we use Winshock Packet Editor (WPE) to do the chat flooding. lets check it up.

1. Download WPE PRO on the link below.


2. Login into your Ameba Pico account use Opera browser or Google Chrome Browser. In this case I used Opera browser Version 10.60

3. If you've downloaded WPE PRO then open it. You will see the WPE PRO interface like the picture below.

Ameba Pico Chat Flooding

4. Select "Target Program" ,  and choose Opera.exe as the application where you are playing Ameba Pico.

5.  Click "Start Logging" button like the picture above and go to your Ameba pico, then write a word that you want on Ameba Pico chat. After that, stop WPE PRO by clicking the Stop logging button.

6. Will show a new window on WPE PRO wich are the results of  Ameba Pico logging.

7.  Try to find Send function like the picture above.On every browser will show different results.

 8. Right clicking on the function and then select Send, will show a new window, then following settings like the picture bellow.

                                           Settings :
                                           Send : Continously
                                                      Timer : 200 Miliseconds

  9. Finally, just by clicking the Send Button and check your pico if it works. Thanks.


  1. is it illegal to download that WPE PRO?

  2. when i open WPE PRO it tells me the application was unable to start correctly, anyone know why?

  3. OK you need to click on it then click on extract all then run then it will pop up

  4. picobank-did-you-get-banned-or-something?D:

  5. i didnt not see Opera.exe

    Where is it? i did all what you say

  6. what is ur pico name? did you get band?

  7. The download Link doesnt work :(

  8. looool the best program ever *_____*

  9. Hi if somebody knows the ameba gold generator can you generate 10,000 of AG?? please reply all I need is GM =( by the way this is my pico ID ๖ۣۜм¢ ƒlυяяу

  10. Hey, my chat flood won't work. I have done chat flood before but it wont work. I tried using Opera AND Chrome, but neither of them work. I press start logging and i typed something, i clicked stop logging, but nothing happens. The window wont pop up. Did Pico ban this cheat or something? It's weird because i saw a pico doing chat flood today, but he wouldnt answer me.

  11. All Off The Virus And You Can Cheat ameba pico with Wpe pro With Browser Opera Link To download Opera :