Win Reversi, Match Card, dan Pirates RPS 100 times without playing

March 4, 2011

Hi there in this tutorial I will show you how to win Reversi, Match Card, dan Pirates RPS 100 times without playing. There is easy a way to get star from those games, so you can get 1500 gummies total from completed the star. follow the tutorial below.

1. First you must have two Ameba pico avatar /character or you can take your friend help to do this. One avatar for the victim and the other is your original avatar.
2. If you want to do this alone, you must have two browser to playing both of your pico avatars, for example Mozila Firefox and Opera browser.
3. Download AutoClicker aplication bellow.


4.  Take both of your pico Avatar to go to games area in Ameba Pico, for example Match Card game.
5. Open AutoCliker that you've downloaded, set your AutoClicker settings to the following settings like the picture below.

6.  Set both of your pico avatar ready to play Match Card game.

7. Click Go! button on the AutoClicker, then open your victim pico avatar and point the cursor to the GIVE UP button like the picture above. AutoClicker will automatically clicking the GIVE UP button 200 times. Use this method to other games. Thanks.


  1. gah!
    it doesn't work! D:<

  2. fuck you its doent work

  3. Thanks it works, i have 50 stars now, don't say the bad words! It's totally works! For all who tried it and doesn't work, u're lame :P LOL

  4. me only got two wins at every process i do..why??
    are this cause from the mantainance..somebody help me...

  5. Can i use Google Chrome?

  6. when i dowloaded it something else i dowloaded =.=

  7. Why Doesn't it works? Pls HELP IM VERY DESPERATE!!! --J<3