How to Add Fish in Aquarium Ameba Pigg

February 6, 2013

If you already bought an aquarium but it still empty, now you don't have to wait for a fishing event to to get the special fish for your aquarium. Just follow the instruction given below.
1.  Play Ameba Pigg through opera,  google chrome browser or Firefox. (I used Firefox)
3.  Download Fish spt packet that we will send leter.
     a. River and Sea Fish DOWNLOAD
     b. Jellyfish  DOWNLOAD
4. Download the spt file for pickup all fishes DOWNLOAD
5. Open WPE PRO that you have downloaded then click Target Program, and select Opera.exe or chrome.exe.that you use to play ameba pico or if you use sMozilla Firefox you can select plugin-container.exe.

6. First you need to get the  Socket ID of the packet before you can send the spt packet, click start logging on the WPE PRO then open the Decor icon, Click Stop Logging to stop WPE PRO recording and you will see the packet like picture below.

7. Click send tab on the WPE PRO, Open the spt packet file that you have downloaded, check one of the packet and send it. Actually there are two kinds of aquarium if you notice. The lighter one is for special river  fish and the darker one is for special sea fish. If you send a packet and the fishes are gone after you refresh, that means you put the other type of aquarium special fish.

8. If you want to pickup all fishes just use the PickupFish.spt file.  


  1. How to remove the fish lol. I mess up and put too many fish and now my room lags.

  2. how to remove the fish?
    my room getting lag now :(

  3. pickupfish.spt nya ngawur gitu malah data yg sama kyk sbelumnya, bkn ilang mala tamba banyak

  4. sorry .. here for pickup fish

  5. Hello. i can't download the spt. please give another link thx .

    1. Click Download this file on the page.

  6. Click Download this file on the page.

  7. Fishes dissapear when someone enters my room.

  8. it was cause u put river fishes in sea aquarium, so put river fishes in river aquarium, thanks

  9. ur filter not work in my computer -_-

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  11. mi fishs go away T.T did u know about the stone casino? how to get it??