How to spin slot faster in Ameba Pigg

February 20, 2013

Since Ameba Pigg patched the bug for slot, now we can't spin the slot machine as fast as we used to using WPE. But today I would like to share the tricks to play slot faster in ameba pigg using WPE. Just follow the steps below.:D

  1. Play Ameba Pigg through opera, google chrome browser or Firefox. (I used Firefox) 
  2. Download WPE PRO DOWNLOAD  
  3. Download Slot Speed Booster spt  DOWNLOAD
  4. Open WPE PRO that you have downloaded then click Target Program, and select Opera.exe or chrome.exe.that you use to play ameba pico or if you use sMozilla Firefox you can select plugin-container.exe.
  5. First you need to get the  Socket ID of the packet before you can send the spt packet, click start logging on the WPE PRO then open the Decor icon, Click Stop Logging to stop WPE PRO recording and you will see the packet like picture below.
  6.  Click Start Logging button  on the wpe to start record. 
  7. Click play max on the slot and wait until it stops spinning. After that click Stop Logging button on the WPE PRO and then you will get results like the picture below. 
  8.  Follow instruction in the pictures below

Send : Continuously
Timer : 700


  1. Anyone got Stone hack? I am looking for it

  2. What do you mean with Decor Icon? :/
    I don't get that part.

    1. The decor icon is just to check whether your WPE is recording properly or not. It's not necessary.

  3. the filter dont work, i cant find it when i look at the list

  4. nooooooooo you want more faster
    so open the reulst that was size 27 make the timer 2400 and then

    make the time constilealy